Hey there? Have you missed me? It’s been a while….and there’s a reason for that.Β  I’ve written this post in my head so many times. I’ve thought about this post for at least a year.Β  Why….because this is my 100th post and I’ve avoided it.Β  I knew it was coming, and the fact that it was coming during such a unique time made me avoid it even more.Β  I have so many feelings and a tech post about 100 tech tools just didn’t seem relevant or appropriate. Well, I guess the tech tools may be relevant, but it still didn’t feel right.

The second week of shutdown due to Covid-19, I started running.Β  I downloaded one of those couch to 5K apps that told me I’d run a 5K by May, and sure enough, the app was right. Boy, am I a SLOW runner…but I’m so grateful I started.Β  I needed something just to get out of my head, to clear it, and to manage ALL of those feelings I was having about everything going on.Β  It was on one of those runs, recently, that this post hit me.

thanks emoji balloons

This is my 100th post – and my message to you is this: This year will be different, BUT it will also be the same if not better than any other. Why you ask…because you ALWAYS give it 100. That’s why you’re here, reading this.Β  You are the type of person who reads blogs, who looks for ways to improve, who is on the internet/social media, those crazy groups that make all sorts of Bitmoji stuff (c’mon, you know the one I’m talking about), Tik Tok, Insta following a million teachers, Book clubs, Podcasts, etc etc. You have ALWAYS given it 100% every year and this year will be no different. The year will look different and the teaching will look different, but your 100% attitude of doing what’s best for YOUR students will be the same.Β  You’ve got this…give it 100% – I know I will and I know I am, even right now.

And since I’m giving it my 100% (and sometimes it feels like more), here’s a resource with over 100 of my favorite things!Β  Enjoy. It’s a work in progress and meant to support you. It will grow, but it’s coming out well so far.

100 percent

Make your mouse BIG, make your videos SHORT, and give it your 100% this year. At the end of the day, that’s all we can do…give it our very best effort. Thanks for sticking with me through 100 posts. On to the next 100…stay TUNAed for lots more fish puns.

Take care everyone, it feels good to be back.

oFISHally Yours,

Erin Fisher 🐟 🐟 🐟

2 Replies to “100🐟”

  1. I SO SO SO SO needed this today Erin! You always know what to say and when to say – your timing is impeccable! I cannot wait to dig into your Top 100 … YOU’RE A TRUE GEM and thank you!!


  2. Welcome back Erin! You are 100% right about giving it 100%. Thanks for your 110% always! You are an inspiration!

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