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Hi Friends! Can you believe we’re coming upon Memorial Day weekend? We are in that home stretch! Now is the time when we can reflect on our year. What went well? What could change?Β  What were the best parts of learning for our students? Well, let’s find out by asking THEM! The end of the year is a great time for some projects that truly demonstrate student learning throughout the year.Β  Let’s take a look below at some end of year student activities that encourage students to think about the year and offer you some valuable feedback.

End of Year Reflection

Slide Shows

Google Slides are a great go-to for end of year presentations. Students are pretty comfortable with this tool.Β  What’s even better, is that there are many pre-made templates out there you can use.Β  Feel free to take a look at any below. Use Google Classroom to push out to students and let them create! You’ll love seeing what they come up with and it’s great feedback to see what went well throughout the year. You can even take it a step further and show them off to parents, or to next year’s students.

Blank Template with subject areasΒ 

This is a SUPER cute template from another blogger, Meredith Akers, that you can find on her site and use. I love her use of the tool RemoveBG which takes the background off any picture! Students could really have fun with that!

Slides Carnival has beautiful templates as well with very pretty, free, backgrounds.


An infographic is a fancy name for a digital poster.Β  I made a template below that you can feel free to use by clicking here.Β Β Adobe Spark and Canva also have beautiful, free, templates that students can use to make some awesome infographics about their year!


Videos are always my favorite!Β  There are so many options for video projects the students can create. Personally, I LOVE Flipgrid, Screencastify, and Adobe Spark Video.Β  All three tools are SUPER user-friendly and extremely engaging. The best part…you end up with a really beautiful product that you can show again and again. Click here if you would like an overview of Flipgrid and Screencastify.Β  Take a look at an AWESOME use of Adobe Spark Video below created by Meg McGovern!

Click here for an overview of Adobe Spark Video.Β 

Looking for even more ideas?Β  Take a look at my “End of Year” category of my blog! You will find previous years’ posts with plenty of activities! Let me know if you want any help putting these ideas into action! The students will have a blast, and as a result, you will learn what really stuck with them!

Have a great, long weekend!

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oFISHally Yours,

Erin Fisher 🐟 🐟 🐟

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