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One day I was sitting at the kitchen table, and my son Chace, spouted out this word that was so beyond his years.Β  The word was incredulous, and it’s a word that I do not even use in my daily vocabulary, nevermind my son who was in first grade at the time.Β  I asked him, “where did you learn that?!”Β  He proceeded to tell me all about his teacher and how she just put words up around the room. He would see the word every day, and at some point, it must have been discussed.Β  Words have such power! Students just seeing new words can have an impact on daily usage. I can’t say enough about this teacher my son had, and all of her words around the room.Β  She certainly left an impact on my son.Β  We all learn differently, and for my son, seeing the word daily worked for him. For others, however, interacting with words may work and technology can enhance this interaction.Β  What are some tech tools that can assist with WORDS? Well, let’s take a look below!Β  πŸ‘€

Educandy 🍬

Educandy was just featured on both Richard Byrne and Eric Curts’ blogs earlier this month.Β  It appears to be the hot, new, FREE platform to engage students in vocabulary activities! Check out the video below, from Richard Byrne, on how to use this new tool! Looks like FUN!

Flippity πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ is an amazing resource for FREE, customizable templates that work with Google Sheets.Β  The flashcard template is a favorite of mine because it is so versatile. You can embed images and YouTube videos on to the flashcards if you wish. It also has various ways students can interact with the flashcards.

Quizlet πŸ™‹

Quizlet on its own is an AWESOME vocabulary site with many premade lists teachers have created.Β  No need to add your own lists, if you search Quizlet by a story name, chapter, or title of a topic you will probably find a list of words. You can then modify them as you wish.Β  This tool is wonderful because it has speech-to-text built-in, as well as a picture dictionary and translator.

Once you have a list, kids can play Quizlet LIVE!Β  This is unlike Kahoot and Quizizz, it puts the kids into teams and they have to work together. They LOVE it! Check out both Quizlet and Quizlet Live!

Pear Deck – Flashcard Factory 🍐

Pear Deck has a great partnership with Quizlet when you use Flashcard Factory! It’s quite easy to copy and list from Quizlet into Flash Card Factory (100% free) and practice vocabulary in an ACTIVE format.Β  Once completed you can then push student examples back OUT to Quizlet.Β  I have NEVER seen so much enjoyment from practicing vocabulary than when students play Flashcard factory. I’ve seen it in grade 12 all the way down to grade 2! I use it with adults in my trainings as well and it is always a favorite! Talk about ENGAGEMENT! To read more about this integration,Β click here, and also be sure to watch my video below!

Great ways to use Flash Card Factory

Click here to sign-in to Flash Card Factory

Tech or Treat πŸŽƒ 🍭

Of course, we need to share some Halloween activities!Β  Do you have a good one? Send it my way!

PRO Tips of the Week! πŸ’‘

I learned so much cool stuff this week I had to include both!

Amazing Gradient Slides Backgrounds πŸ”™

Shown to me by a student, this one is quick and I love it! Check out the 50 second video below

Customize your Bitmoji!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this! It’s coming to a Chrome Extension near you, if it hasn’t hit already! Check it out below!


Did you learn something new that you can do with words? I hope so!

Take care, everyone!

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