A Hundred Tabs Open: My Browser is Swimming 🏊‍♀️

too busy

As educators, our minds are often racing with a multitude of tasks, much like a computer with countless open tabs. Lesson planning, professional development, emails, schedule changes, weather updates, phone calls, personal matters, and the list goes on. It’s a reality that our students face as well. Navigating this mental maze is crucial for our own well-being and effectiveness, and I’ve discovered a few simple strategies that help me stay on top of things.

Bookmark Folders

As someone who regularly visits numerous websites, I’ve discovered that organizing them into bookmark folders significantly streamlines my browsing experience. One particularly useful feature is the ability to open all bookmarked sites within a folder simultaneously with a simple right-click. This proves especially handy when preparing for teaching sessions, as I can instantly access all relevant resources with a single click.

Search your Tabs

Struggling to locate a specific tab among a sea of open ones? Fret not, you can easily search through your open tabs to find the one you need. Additionally, you can access a list of the last ten tabs you closed, making it easy to revisit them if needed.

Pin Tabs

Keep your essential tabs organized and easily accessible by pinning them! Pinned tabs remain neatly tucked away, preventing accidental closure and freeing up space for other tabs. Pin as many tabs as you need without any limitations.

Group Tabs

For enhanced organization and efficient use of space on your Chrome Web Bar, consider grouping tabs. This feature not only bundles related tabs together, but also color-codes them for easy identification.


Last but not least, Control+Shift+T is my best friend. It reopens the tab I just closed very quickly! That one doesn’t need a title or video 😜

I hope these tabulating tips help out your computer, and brain, so you can move along just swimmingly!

Take care, friends.

oFISHally Yours,

Erin Fisher 🐟🐟🐟



The Rising Tide 🌊 🐟

laptop wave

Wow – 3 months. I have never gone 3 months without writing.  Quite honestly, there is just so much in my brain I can’t seem to get it all down in a cohesive, well-thought-out post that is worthy of your time it would take to read it. I’ve also found myself with less time to write this year. Do you find yourself in a similar situation?  Time is the commodity these days, more than ever.  How much time are we teaching…how much time does it take to plan…time to email…time to record…time to give feedback?  Time. To. Just. Breathe. 

deep breaths

The tide is rising and when we think it cannot get any higher, it surpasses the last tideline.  However, we are not underwater.  We are rising as well, along with the tide. We are rising to the occasion because that is what we doSometimes, just the little things help us rise…Maybe these little things below can help you ❤️️


Narrate your Slides:

Do you use Mote? If so, it just got even MORE amazing! Instantly record audio that directly inserts into your Slides AND saves to your Drive!

Live annotations:

Web Paint is a great, FREE extension that allows you to annotate and the ink shows to those at home and those in front of you!

Kami also works well for this purpose as well, with PDFs.

Join your Meet twice, on ONE device!

If you’ve tried to model written activities with a doc cam to both students in front of you, and students at home, you know the struggle I’m referring to with this video below. The image inverts to those in class. HOWEVER, if you join your Meet twice, you can fix this and it IS possible on ONE device (although it does take some finesse)! The key piece is the Volume Master extension.

These tips and tricks are simply the suggestions I can think of to rise above that ever-rising tide of this school year.  We can do it, we always have and we always will. 💜

Take care, everyone!
oFISHally Yours,

Erin Fisher 🐟 🐟 🐟


Funfetti Fish

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Did you ever have Funfetti cake? I mean seriously…what is better than a Funfetti Cake with Funfetti frosting? This was my go-to in college, and I think I could eat a whole cake by myself! Funfetti cake is THAT good.  Tech Tidbits are kind of like Funfetti, little sweet sprinkles that make something already good, even better…and even more colorful! This week, I’m focusing on some tech tidbits – pieces of Funfetti to brighten your day!


Adobe Spark – on your PHONE!

I mentioned Adobe Spark and our EDU Enterprise account in a past post. This is such an awesome platform that I need to mention it again. It is FREE FOR SCHOOLS (premium version) and it allows you to do so much.  The app on my phone allowed me to easily drop in photos and videos. Then I could access it on my computer and manipulate the slides.  Take a look below at Sherri’s AWESOME math class that I was able to use footage from to create a Spark Video!

The Spark Webpage option is also AMAZING! Check it out here, this is an Adobe Spark Webpage explaining Adobe Spark! Reach out if you want to use this tool!

Google Updates – HUGE

Talk about EXTRA sprinkles… There are two HUGE updates coming (among others) to our favorite Google Apps.  First, Gmail will have a “schedule send” feature AND Slides is FINALLY getting the ability to have sound files running throughout the presentation WITHOUT a workaround!!! These updates will roll out over the next two weeks so check for them and expect to see a video from me on how to use these awesome new updates!

Google Snake with Geography??!! 

Oh HELLO, YES!! Remember your very first Cell Phone Game, on your awesome Nokia with the cool custom cover and colorful buttons? I had a bright unicorn cover ( I know you’re shocked by this, right?). Well, Google just released Snake BUT with a geography focus. You can capture various landmarks all over the world! Just a little piece of Funfetti!

Get through your Wall!

This video is POWERFUL! Thank you Amy Schleinkofer for sharing! This is a good watch for both teachers and students.

Tip of the Week: Positive Sign Thursday

Have you heard of #PositiveSignThursday?  It’s a REAL thing created by another teacher, in another state, but it’s spreading across Massachusetts!  Check out the # on Twitter! A few of us have been doing it here! The idea is we all use the same sign. On Thursdays, we post the sign and pictures with our kids and each other! It adds a little sunshine and spreads a positive message. Check out my friend Marty, now principal in Norton and his news story about Positive Sign Thursday here.  See Megan McGovern’s posts (using Adobe Spark) below on Positive Sign Thursday here in EB!!! If you want to join us click here! Simply look at the date of the sign in the speaker notes, print, take a pic, and post with the #PositiveSignThursday!

What’s your “Funfetti”? Reach out!

Take Care Everyone!
oFISHally Yours,

Erin Fisher 🐟 🐟 🐟

MARCH of the FISH 🍀 🐟 🦁

 🍀 March of the FISH 🍀

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We are MARCHING closer to Spring, even if March is coming in like a Lion 🦁! The first of March and snow is predicted, can you believe it? Just like the weather, technology is also offering us a storm of new ideas! There are so many tools, tips, and tidbits – that it can be tough to keep it all together (Like that alliteration there?)!  Fear not…that’s why my blog is here! Take a look below at some of my finds this week. I think they are totally top notch and many come from awesome teachers you know!

Classroom Screen Bitmoji Image

Thank you Amy Ronayne, 8th grade ELA teacher, for showing me this!

 If you don’t have a home screen set, you may want to have this as your opening tab. No login, FREE TOOL, and look at the screenshot below for all the little tools it gives you. A whiteboard to draw on (smart users), a clock, timer with fun sounds like Mario theme song, noise monitor, traffic light, and MORE! You can also set cool moving backgrounds from their library. This is SUCH A GOOD FINDClick here to check it out!

Tournament Template Bitmoji Image

March is a BIG month for tournaments and there’s quite a bit of madness involved. If you’re looking for a GREAT site with already-made, interactive templates, Flippity.Net is a wonderful tool! It has a Template that is EASY to use for tournaments! Check out the video below!

Jeopardy-Like Game Bitmoji Image

Thank you Cassie Wadden for showing me this COOL site below that has a neat Jeopardy-style game among other features.  Although this site does have a fee structure, it does have some pretty neat free components if you’re looking for something game-like, or for review.


Interactive Fiction Bitmoji Image

Have you heard of Interactive Fiction?  I had not until Amy Schleinkofer gave me a call following her public library visit over the February break! According to Wikipedia: “Interactive fiction, often abbreviated IF, is software simulating environments in which players use text commands to control characters and influence the environment.”  She tried it whole class with her students and they LOVED it. It’s similar to coding…what a GREAT activity!


Digital Agenda Template Bitmoji Image

This resource is an AWESOME creation by Laura Cahill, fellow Massachusetts Edtech Coach. She made a beautiful template, complete with a timer linked, to use as your initial screen as kids walk in.  Simply duplicate the slide everyday for your whole year of Agendas. It includes an objective space, homework, classroom, subject, and bellringer box. You can also modify it!  I made a copy for myself and added it to our own Template Gallery for East Bridgewater!

For this great template Click Here!

Google Quick Tip: Google Classroom Updates Bitmoji Image

Classroom has had a few updates as of late. You can read about them here or see a short video below. The Stream and the settings have recently changed. Remember how the Stream used to appear – well it’s back (sort of)!!!


I hope you’re finding success with technology tools! Reach out and let me know!

Have a great day! 😃

oFISHally yours,

Erin Fisher 🐟 🐟 🐟

Fish Bits 🐟 🍣

I always like doing a post every so often on the little things! Some of them are reminders of things we knew but no longer use, thins we sometimes forget and others that are brand new! This week, a few small tips and tricks that make tech a little easier! Sometimes, it’s these small tasks that make us more productive, and even happier!


Shout out to Brian Duffey who sent this to me! It was also featured on Alice Keeler’s blog…it’s PRETTY cool! It will save you some time. This works for all Google Applications, simply type the name of the application with a .new after and BOOM – a new item opens. See the example video below:

Customize the Text 

Do you print articles or worksheets?  The extension Print Friendly certainly isn’t new to the scene, but how often we forget these little tools and their power! Check out my video below of how one can customize an item online to suit student needs!

ONE Google Form 

This one is HUGE and comes from Jen Judkins.  How many times have you duplicated your Google Form so you could give it to a different class? Well, no more!  Actually, this was always an option…I just didn’t think of it! Jen is so smart! Check out her video below, and her blog post here.  You can give your SINGLE Google Form to multiple groups, year after year, and still see all of the data! BRILLIANT!

Text the Parents! 

Ok, ok…don’t really text them (unless you are friends of course), but this week my life was made so much easier because of my sons’ teachers use of parent communication applications. I cannot tell you how much easier this makes my life, and as a result, how much more involved I am with my sons’ educations. I know it’s one more layer to add to our ever-increasing job as teachers, but if the result is parent involvement and student achievement, then isn’t it worth it? I love this Sheet created by Jessica Meacham. She has included so much detail and does a nice overview of all of the different parent communication apps. I add this to my own Drive and check it every so often (Click “File – Add to My Drive”).  Whether it’s Dojo, Remind, SeeSaw or one of the many others – this type of communication tool goes a long way!   If you would like assistance using any of these awesome tools, reach out! I know as a parent myself, I really appreciate the time and effort my sons’ teachers put into using these tools!

Always share the little things! It’s these little things that can help us all so very much!

Hope you enjoyed those little Fish Bits!

oFISHally Yours,

Erin Fisher 🐟 🐟 🐟