Ice Fishing 🐟 ❄️

Bitmoji ImageBrrrr….baby it’s cold outside! It’s that time of year again, December!! When the snow starts falling and the kids get restless and excited for the holidays ahead! Are you “fishing” for some holiday fun? There is SO much anticipation this month that it can be a tough 15 days of learning in December.  However, fear not! Below are some holiday activities I’ve collected through the years that can help! I have printable activities as well as digital. There are word puzzles, math games, art activities, writing activities, read alouds, and more!   I’ll be updating this doc (click to open or view below) regularly this month with new finds.  If you find something good, let me know and I’ll add it!

winter holiday tinsel and lights

I hope you are all doing well at this time of year.

Take care, everyone!

oFISHally yours,

Erin Fisher 🐟 🐟 🐟

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