About Me

Hello, my name is Erin Fisher and I am the Technology Integration Facilitator, PreK-12, for the East Bridgewater Public Schools. Β This is a fairly new position for our district, only being implemented in the 2016-2017 school year. Β Prior to my new role, I was a grade 6 math and science teacher since 2005 in the same district. Prior to coming to East Bridgewater, I worked one year at a private school in Foxboro and one year for Sutton Public Schools in fifth grade.

Starting in 2015, the district of East Bridgewater gradually became a 1:1 Chromebook G-Suite school. I was one of the first teachers to pilot G-Suite in 2012 (formerly Google Apps for Education). Β Following the implementation of GAFE, my classroom was one of the first to become a one-to-one classroom and I just loved it! Β I explored every program and activity I could get my hands on, and soon other teachers in the building were coming to me for assistance. Β I started running trainings for our district in technology integration and even other districts sought me out to come train at their schools. I am a member of MASSCUE, and have presented at the annual MASSCUE technology conference for the past few years, and will be presenting once again this upcoming school year. Β I have a passion for G-Suite and became a Google Certified Trainer in 2017 as well. Due to our high Google App usage, the district of East Bridgewater also was invited (and accepted) to become a Google Reference District, currently one of only 3 districts in the state! Β 

In my role as Technology Integration Facilitator, I do my best to get teachers excited about integrating technology into their instruction. Currently, I am certified as an Elementary Education teacher grades 1-6 and I have my instructional technology license (all levels). Β I have a Bachelor’s in Psychology, an M.Ed. in Elementary Education and an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instructional Technology (in progress).